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Our lab is conveniently homed at Inworks at the University of Colorado Denver, which has an array of rapid prototyping equipment including laser cutters, 3D printers, CNC routers and mills, sewing machines, and a full-stocked electronics shop. Our ability to utilize this space and the expertise and resourcefulness of our members has allowed us to build many of the biotools we use day-to-day. A non-exhaustive list of biotools we have built includes: a centrifuge, an incubator, an optical density and fluorimeter device, a refrigerated centrifuge, and DNA concentration detector.

The fluorimeter and optical density sensor we built was based on a design by the 2014 Aachen iGEM team. We improved upon their design by refactoring and commenting their code, redesigning the cuvette holders, and improving upon the enclosure design. Diagrams and our improved open source code can all be found on the Denver Biolabs Github.


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