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Human Practice

Human Practices Projects of CryptoGErM

Beyond the lab… To the understanding of the world

Science is not an isolate entity, it is dynamical because it influences and it is influenced by other fields. Science is part of a complex society, and as a result of this relationship it is important to explore ethically and objectively all the social aspects related to the development of a scientific project.

We decided to divide CrypoGErM Human Practices into small projects called Social (Contact with experts and society) Legal (Understanding current legislations) Education (Approach High School students) Outreach (Approach society to promote our project) and Future scenarios (Deep understanding of the implications of using our system).

Each of the activities started with a quote, to wake up your curiosity and give you a general perspective of the activities carried on for each project. So we invite you to take a look and discover with us why CryptoGErM goes beyond the lab… To an understanding of the world


We got in contact with experts from the National Institutions of our country and a potential user. Besides that, we carried on a global survey to know what are the current perceptions about cybersecurity and storing of information.



Is the shipping of GMOs well-regulated nowadays? What are the current legislations in the Netherlands, Europe and the whole world that our system has to obey? We looked deeply and extensively into the current National and International legislations for the shipping of GMOs.



We received students in our laboratory to do BIO-Art! Besides that, we were the mentors and advisors of High School students, during the summer, who developed practical work in our laboratory.



We got interviewed by the local radio, and several national and international newspapers and magazines dedicated articles to our project; including an article and a video from the Dutch National News Agency.



What would be the repercussions of having a digitally “uncrackable” system? Is the society ready for such a system? How the current storing and sending of information would be changed by the introduction of our system? We explored future fictional scenarios that illustrates the potential applications of introducing our system.

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