Human Practice


This page shows an overview about the BioBricks we obtained over the summer. To find more information about how we constructed the parts, see Plasmid construction. If you are interested in the experiments we performed with our BioBricks check our Experiments page. Otherwise click on the BioBrick numbers to see our parts in the registry.Since CryptoGErM is a bio encryption system we created an encrypted message (BBa_K1930001), which can be decrypted with the associated key (BBa_K1930000). To protect the sensitive key we developed biological safety layers. One is hiding the key, which involves decoy spores. To distinguish between our CryptoGErM spores containing the key and the decoy, we constructed the sfGFP(Sp) BioBrick (BBa_K1930006) optimized for B. subtilis. To allow the user of CryptoGErM to select the key spores, we constructed a ciprofloxacin resistance cassette (BBa_K1930004). This cassette contains a constitutive promoter for B. subtilis 168 (BBa_K1930005), novel to the registry.

Our BioBricks

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