Human Practice


Prof. Dr. Oscar P. Kuipers

It's a great pleasure to work with motivated and talented students interested in Synthetic Biology during iGEM projects. This way of self-teaching is very effective in my opinion: learning many different skills in experimentation, modeling, presenting, organizing, collaborating, fund-raising and human practices is an excellent experience if the student wants to continue in science (or any other job as a matter of fact).


Dr. Elrike Frenzel

I am Elrike and I obtained my PhD summa cum laude in 2011 at the Technical University of Munich, Department of Microbiology. Since 2014, I am Postdoctoral Fellow at the Department of Molecular Genetics at the Groningen Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology Institute. My research is focused on phenotypic heterogeneity in bacteria, subpopulation structures and on the optimization of reporter proteins for Bacillus species. In my free time, I enjoy yoga, running and travelling. It is a pleasure to support our highly motivated iGEM team. It is fascinating, how quickly students develop creative concepts, implement the lab work and improve their soft skills in this interdisciplinary, team-oriented competition.


Jhonatan Hernandez-Valdes, MSc

My name is Jhonatan and I participated in iGEM 2012 with the CINVESTAV-Mexico team as a student member, and now while doing my PhD in Groningen, I am happy to be back in this competition and support the CryptoGErM team! This is a great opportunity to learn how science works, from planning a project, until give a presentation of results. Then, it is a pleasure to help the team and enjoy the IGEM experience with them. Besides my research interest in biosensors and synthetic biology, I love chocolate and travelling.


Renske van Raaphorst

This year is fourth iGEM year and my third as a supervisor. In 2012 I was a member of the team here in Groningen and we won the big aluminium biobrick that year! The replica is still standing in the hallway here. Being a supervisor for this team is great: they are so good, I hardly have to do anything! And apart from being lazy, that's also very cool because it means that it is their project, their creativity, cleverness and drive which makes CryptoGErM a fantastic project.

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