Human Practice

Team members

CryptoGErM was made by the following people. Our supervisors can be found in Supervisors and we were also helped by the people and organisations mentioned in Attributions.

Eike Mahlandt

I am Eike and I am the chairwoman of this year’s iGEM team Groningen. My task is to keep the team happy and make sure there are always cookies around. About me, I am from the North of Germany and here in Groningen I am doing my Master in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. During the last weeks I discovered that I enjoy running in the mud but I am also an excellent popcorn cook and I knit my own socks.

Eike Agar Eike

Bente Hofstra

Hey there! I am Bente and I am in charge of our educational work and coordinating public relations. I did my bachelors in biomedical sciences and obtained my teaching degree during that time. I am now doing a master in medical and pharmaceutical drug innovation (MPDI). In my free time I like to chill inside with a good book, some wine and my cat. To add some physical activity I like to go skating and play volleyball.

Bente Agar Bente

Daniel Devlitsarov

I’m Daniel, lab manager for the iGEM team of Groningen. My academic background is in biomedical lab research and molecular biology, although now I am focused primarily on synthetic biology. I am originally from Estonia, but I moved around a lot. My main tasks for iGEM are obtaining lab equipment and materials, helping plan the labwork and ensuring biological safety. Besides that, I like to be involved in other aspects of iGEM like proofreading emails and writing assignments, contacting potential sponsors and helping with the artwork. When I am not in the lab, I’m out taking photos (mostly landscapes and urban photography) or doing stuff in my garden. I also like to go on hiking trips when I have the time.

Daniel Agar Daniel

Sambit Das

I'm Sambit. I come from the city of Pune in India (right next to Mumbai). My role in the team is mostly centered around the wet lab. I like spicy food, and enjoy cooking with friends. I am doing my masters in Behavioral & Cognitive Neuroscience in Groningen. I am fascinated by the mechanisms involved in making behavioral decisions, so apart from my mice in the lab, I also like to observe animals in general.

Sambit Sambit

Luis Suarez

My name is Luis Suarez - yes!!, like the football player before somebody asks... I was born in Mexico and I am a chemist. Since I like to plan almost everything, I am in charge of the travel to Boston and am part of the Human Practices of the team.

About me? Well, I am a simple Mexican... Eurovision fan, cinephile (you can find me three or four times per week at the local cinemas here in Groningen), failed writer and party boy - BEST MEXICAN DANCER EVER!!!

Oh! I almost forgot it, like a good Mexican I love Tequila, Fiesta and Sombreros!

Luis Agar Luis

Matthia Sabatelli

I'm Matthia and I'm the Italian member of the team (half Italian actually since my mother is Belgian).

If you search for me in the lab you won't find me, my role in the project is in fact playing with numbers and computers. I'm an Artificial Intelligence master student and I will try to compute the mathematical models of what the guys will create in the lab.

I like playing chess, make some noise with my electric guitars and go out jogging when it rains.

My favorite color is brown, not because I particularly like it, but since I'm colorblind it's the color I see the most.

Matthia Agar Matthia

Mareike Schmidt

I am Mareike and I'm the sponsorship manager of our team. My task is to convince companies and institutes to support our project. I grew up in the north of Germany and now I'm a master student in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, so during the summer you will mostly find me in the lab.

If I'm not in the lab I like climbing rocks and cooking dinner with my friends.

Mareike Agar Mareike

Bára Waclawiková

My name is Bára, I’m the lab manager of CryptoGE®M 2016. My job is to make sure that everything in the lab is going smoothly and according to the plan. I’m from Czech republic, but not from Prague, more east, from Olomouc which is the second most beautiful city of Czechia. I'm a master student in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology.

I really like movies, sports, reading books and hanging out with friends.

Barbora Agar Barbora

Kathinka Frieswijk

My name is Kathinka and I'm the vice-chair of CryptoGErM (or SpyGEM for close friends). Except for our logo, I made pretty much all of the drawn images on the wiki. I'm also in charge of the design of the poster. I have bachelor degrees in Medicine, Mathematics and Physics and am currently following masters in Theoretical Physics and Operations Research.

I absolutely love being outside, so I spend most of my time studying on the grass in front of the faculty building. When I'm forced to stay inside, you can always find me near (or hanging out of) a window. Besides drawing, I like playing beach volleyball and dancing. In my free time, I try to trick random birds and forest animals into becoming my pets, mostly without success.

Kathinka Agar Kathinka

Ilona Mager

My name is Ilona and I am the Secretary of this year’s iGEM team. One of my duties as Secretary is to make notes during the meetings. A little introduction about me: I am from ‘The Far East of the Netherlands’ called Twente. Currently I am studying Biology and Medical Research at the University of Applied Sciences, Enschede.

One of my favorite things to do is watching cute animal video's on the internet. In addition, I like reading very much.

Ilona Ilona

Carlos Ramírez

My name is Carlos. I have a bachelor in Pharmaceutical Engineering and I´m currently enrolled in the master degree in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. I am a lab rat in iGEM. Also doing some molecular dynamics and computational analysis. As such, I like molecules and play video-games.

Carlos Carlos

Peter-Jan van het Hof

My name is Peter-Jan and I’m the treasurer of our team. Besides that, I help obtaining sponsors for our project. I grew up in a lovely small village in the middle of Drenthe. I have a bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics and I'm currently enrolled in the master Applied Physics. In my free time I love to take my bike out for a spin. I also like a BBQ and hanging out with friends.

Peter-Jan Agar Peter-Jan

Marco Gunnink

I'm Marco, resident code-monkey. My major is in Computing Science, hence my tasks in the iGEM team are data management and the Wiki. I'm also responsible for the software part of our project. In my spare time I like to play video games, programming and reading. Sometimes all at the same time.

Marco Agar Marco

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