Team:Lethbridge HS/Attributions

Lethbridge HS iGEM 2016


We would like to thank:

Marissa King, Ross Oliver, Nimaya De Silva, Mason Mierzewski, Anileen Pageni and Dinula De Silva for working in wet lab sessions.

Sam Orr, Marissa King, Ronja Kothe, Anileen Pageni, Dinula De Silva, Nimaya De Silva, Ross Oliver, Cheraya Allen, Jon Kwan, Andie Hanson, Jahnavi Sharma, Sam Lewin, Nisali Kamburugamuwa, Mason Mierzewski, Brooklyn Plouffe, as well for working in human practices.

Our advisors Chris Isaac, Sydnee Calhoun, and Kieran McCormack for overseeing our weekly meetings and lab sessions, and guiding us through our project.

University of Lethbridge, Chemistry and Biochemistry Department for allowing us to use the wet lab workspace as well as the classrooms for weekly meetings.

Wieden lab for providing wet lab equipment and reagents needed in day-to-day experiments.

Dr. Brian Dempsey for mentoring the team in day-to-day affairs, planning and organizing high school workshops, and handling administrative matters.

Dr. Hans-Joachim Wieden for organizing the iGEM program and managing administrative matters.

Lethbridge City Council for allowing our team to present and share our project to its members.

Lethbridge School District 51 for allowing us to present in their classrooms and providing us with a chance to share our project and outreach opportunities with high school students.

OLS Canmore team for their collaboration efforts in spreading our survey and with the ethical aspect to our project, as well as general feedback on our project.

Lethbridge collegiate team for their advice on lab work issues.

And a thank you to the following specialists for their time, advice and feedback on the design of our product:

Dr. Ed Pryzdial from the Canadian Blood Services, Dr. Bruce Ritchie from the University of Alberta Hematology Department, and St. John’s Ambulance Service.