Team:Lubbock TTU/Attributions


We would like to thank our advisors Dr. Annette Sobel, Dr. Ruth Serra-Moreno, Dr. Lou Densmore, Dr. Vickie Sutton, Dr. Roger B. Sutton, and Dr. Ron Banister for their guidance throughout the project. We would also like to thank our sponsors for their contributions towards furthering our synthetic biology initiatives!

We would also like to personally thank the following people for their help in making this iGEM team and project possible.
  • Peter Grozdanov your valuable expertise in cloning protocols and helping us in trouble shooting when things didn’t go our way.
  • UT Austin for graciously donating plates of fluorescent bacteria so we could bring light to Lubbock through biological art.
  • Andi Fell for your artistic acumen in helping us make our cartoon, Finding Coli, a reality.
  • Julie Isom, you never cease to amaze us, your support in funding us through CISER was critical to the team's success.
  • Dr. Kendra Rumabugh for her professional expertise and allowing us to use her lab and equipment.
  • Xavier Molbo from the Valencia iGEM team for your help with keeping us on track and answering any questions we had.

Project Start & Team Training

The Lubbock_TTU Team is part of a student organization at Texas Tech University known as iGEM Raiders. We are a first year iGEM team composed of 14 dedicated undergraduate and graduate students with backgrounds in microbiology, animal science, cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, mathematics, physics, and chemical, mechanical, and electrical engineering. To help ease the learning curve we developed and participated in an iGEM Bootcamp to cover the basics of molecular biology, the principles of synthetic biology, iGEM specific criteria, essential lab techniques, and safety training. The schedule for the iGEM Bootcamp can be viewed here.

Team Contributions

  • Brandon Palomo started the first year TTU iGEM team and acted as the team leader for the group. He played a critical role in team management, establishing connections, and developing outreach activities. He also developed the collagen scaffold for the wound dressing to be tested on chronic wound mouse models.
  • Cody Fell has served as the Vice President of the TTU iGEM team. As a wet lab member, he has designed expression vectors as well as our PDGF and Aprotinin Biobricks.
  • Ellen Scott received lab safety certifications and began working in the wet lab as an assistant. She also participated in outreach opportunities such as presenting at ULabs to MacKenzie Middle School teachers about synthetic biology and helping to put on a Building with Biology event at Science Spectrum.
  • Zach Nguyen helped design plasmids for our biobricks. I've also helped troubleshooting the claiming protocol as well as successfully cloned our genes of interest into desired plasmids.
  • Marilyn Mathew was involved in coordinating outreach and human practices effort as well as supplementary help in the lab on plasmid design and bioreactor data collecting.
  • Holden Fried was involved in management of the laboratory, design of the project, and outreach/human practices. He designed the fusion protein constructs for binding to the collagen scaffold, facilitated donations from Mr. DNA Labs, and much more.
  • Diane Ha was in charge of taking detailed meeting minutes as well as developed and maintained our wikipage.
  • Aric Denton was involved with designing and building the bioreactor as dry lab manager. He also aided in the design of the collagen scaffold.
  • Marrisa Martinez was involved with coordinating ULabs events as well as was part of the dry lab team.
  • Kennady Abbot was involved in virus design, protein purification, western blot and cloning. She was also involved in presentations at the science spectrum Building with Biology event.
  • Marc Ordonez helped on temperature sensor calibration, well as stepper motor control, and other miscellaneous lab view coding.
  • Gregory Knox optimized the sequences for dsbA and the dsbA signal sequence to work within our E.Coli chassis within iGEM standards. He was actively involved as a wet lab assistant and human practices events at the Science Spectrum and ULabs.
  • Alejandra Duran was involved with multiple ULabs events as well as presented at the Building with Biology event at the Science Spectrum. The rest of the summer she worked as a wet lab assistant.