Team:Lubbock TTU/Hardware


Our automated bioreactor, protein purification, and scaffold infusion system, provides a reasonable step between beaker scale and pilot plant scale production for useful or low-yield proteins. Our system can actively optimize environmental conditions for the most efficient growth of bacteria being used for protein production by using a series of decoupled PID algorithms. In addition to optimal growth and induction of bacteria, our system can purify HIS-tagged proteins in a high throughput manner. This process can either collect the desired product for further purification and use, or in the case of our proposed wound healing bandage, directly begin infusing proteins into pre-manufactured scaffolds. Our system is a useful technique that can assist iGEM teams working at the intersection of laboratory genetic engineering and production scale engineering. In the future, our system could be used by iGEM teams that need to quickly produce enough material to have translational impact.

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