Team:Lubbock TTU/Safety

Project Safety

Safety was always our number one priority, with that, there are multiple mechanisms within our project that were created with the purpose of ensuring our own and others safety.

  1. Choice of a nonpathogenic strain chassi - top 10 and origami E. coli – for our project and Human Practices.
  2. Use of Ammonium Hydroxide rather than sodium hydroxide in our bioreactor to raise the pH because it is a safer reactant.
  3. PDGF secretion as our hormone one of interest because it has been pre-approved as safe by the US FDA.
  4. Grounded the bioreactor to ensure we wouldn’t get shocked, and labeled moving parts to ensure people don’t injure themselves.

Lab Safety

Before diving into our project, all members of the Lubbock_TTU team were required to complete safety training in both Lab Safety and Biological Safety. The safety training, administered by Texas Tech Environmental Health & Safety, ensures that our members have a greater understanding of appropriate behavior in a research laboratory, or other areas that contain biological hazards, and are in compliance with proper safety procedures.