Team:NCTU Formosa


Spiders have evolved genuinely sophisticated predatory skills whereas NCTU_Formosa has created a brand new system that will revolutionize conventional agriculture. It is high time for upgrading the working styles of farming with the combination of synthetic Biology, Informatics and Engineering corresponding to Pantide, device and Internet of things in our project.


Utilizing the powerful toxicity of spider venom for pest control, NCTU_Formosa designed “Pantide” out of the repertoire of toxin peptides. By expressing a collection of Pantide with E. coli, we provided farmers a new alternative for chemical pesticide with fascinating advantages.



Spiderweb is sensitive enough to be a medium for spiders reacting to the vibration transmitted. Effective pest control must be achieved with accurate information in the farmland and an effective operating system that link the device and users with mutual interactions when encountering changes.



The laborious farm works always exhaust farmers. Here we provide farmers a device with multiple detectors and an automatic sprinkler. Real-time control of the status in the farmland is no longer a fantasy.