Team:NCTU Formosa/Parts

Biobrick design

Our goal is to produce a new bio-repellent of insects, PANTIDE, which is successfully an alternative for chemical pesticide. We strive to express PANTIDE that can be used to reduce appetite of the major pests in the farmland. So far, we have already designed two types of BioBricks that three spider toxic peptides are included with and without lectin respectively. We can then do several experiments to test the function of BioBricks and prove that PANTIDE truly works.

We submitted a collection of spider toxins, lectin, and GS linker as basic parts, and the composite parts with T7 promoter and RBS. All in all we have provided twelve new BioBricks to the Registry in total this year. All BioBricks were sequence-confirmed. Our parts are presented in table view at our Registry summary page.(table 1)

<groupparts>iGEM2016 NCTU_Formosa</groupparts>

Table 1. Registry of Standard Biological Parts

* Note: The relevant literature information for each part, including their full characterization data can be found at their respective pages in the Registry of Standard Biological Parts.

* Note: In the composite parts, each of our toxic peptides contains a hexahistidine tag-coding sequence fused at its downstream to facilitate PANTIDE detection and purification.