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  • Our Prof. WEN-LIANG CHEN and Prof.HSIAO-CHING LEE helped us assess the feasibility of our project.
  • Since we came up with our project idea, they turned to give us wider and deeper concept of bio-pesticide, and the experiment results.


All of us



  • iDT helped us synthesize the gene fragments.
  • CHEN-YU CHANG, FUNG LING NG, CHIH-HSUAN HSU, MING-HSIU HSIEH, TING HAN GUO taught us basic experiment of synthetic biology.
  • LUNG-CHIEH CHEN, CHUN-SAN TAI taught us about Protein Purification IPTG induction, SDS-PAGE.
  • Tri-I Biotech confirmed the DNA sequences of plasmids we synthesize are correct.

Insect Cultivation



Yu-Bing Huang
Li-Cheng Tang
Shaw-Yhi Hwang
Wei-Ting Chen

  • Dr. Yu-Bing Huang in Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute told us about the feeding assays, insect cultivation, and lifestyle of insects.
  • Prof. Li-Cheng Tang, Prof.Shaw-Yhi Hwang from NCHU and postgraduate student Wei-Ting Chen provided the tobacco cutworm larvae, feeding assays and insect cultivation.

Field experiment



Yu-Bing Huang

  • Dr. Yu-Bing Huang in Taiwan Agricultural Research Institute gives us field experiment’s advice.




Sheng-Li Cao
HONG CIAO Laser Engraving Factory

  • Thanks to Mr. Sheng-Li Cao, a teacher of the electrophysics department in NCTU, for our project device’s circuit skill advisory. Giving us some useful advice, he also answered some problems of our device.
  • 2014 NCTU_FORMOSA device designer GUANG-JYUN WANG shared his experience with us.
  • HONG CIAO Laser Engraving Factory taught us acrylic cutting and help us to make our device.

IoT talk



Dr. Jyneda Lin
Dr. Yi-Bing Lin

  • Dr. Jyneda Lin, Dr. Yi-Bing Lin taught us how to operate IoT-Talk.


Doreen Lu
Yi-Chen, Lin



  • Thanks for advising us a lot about project, wiki, presentation slide and our team more attractive and pleasing.





  • Thanks for advising us a lot about wiki.

Human Practice

All of us


Doreen LU

  • Communicating the project to others in a very concise, yet engaging manner.


Sean Lee
Tiffany Chien



  • Thanks to all the advisor that helping us getting better. After the discussion with them, we have more idea about how to present our project. Thanks them from the bottom of our hearts.


NCTU alumni association
Phison Electronics Corporation
Agrotech Company
Taiwan Ministry of Eduction

  • National Chiao Tung University and Department of Biological Science and Technology Thanks for the sponsor which gave us funds or supports!

2016 NCTU_Formosa Member

Hello, I am Penny Wu. I am junior student and major in biotechnology in NCTU. As the leader of NCTU_Formosa in 2016, it is the great passion of all team members that makes me fell always excited and energetic! What I learned this year is over my imagination. The journey of becoming an iGEMer is very unforgettable and the memories would last in my heart forever! I love 2016 NCTU_Formosa iGEM team and I'm looking forward to showing our best in Boston! Can't wait to meet you!

Hello, I’m Sean Lee. I major in biological science and technology. The reason why I plan to participate in the competition is that I want to make a difference for the world and broaden my horizons. I am honored to become a member of NCTU_Formosa. Fascinated by the power of DNA and synthetic biology, I believe that we biologist may apply the knowledge learned to solve the existing problem in the modern society and environment. I speak a little French and love playing table tennis, and also I love reading novels and listening music. I can’t wait to meet new friends in the Giant Jamboree.

Hello, I'm Tiffany Chien, majoring in Material Science and Engineering. People may feel confused and think that material science doesn't have a strong bond with biotech, but that's just the surface layer of things. These two may have jaw dropping results if merged and developed together, which is what I wish to work on and what I wish to see in the near future. Other than that, I've been interested in biology since young. I always wish that I had a chance to particapte in such a huge event, a place where I can devote my passion in. I'm super glad to have this opportunity to join NCTU_Formosa team!

Hello, I’m YA-HSIN LEE and I major in Nano Science and Engineering. Although I am not specialize at biology, I am really interested in Bio-tech. It’s my pleasure to be a team member of NCTU_FORMOSA. We learn and work together just like a family. I am glad to do research with our team members, and I also know more about the biological information in this year. Hope we all will do our best and enjoy the competition. I’m looking forward to show our project! Thanks for giving me such a chance to make friends around the world and also broden my horizon.

Hi, I am SHU-TSEN LIN, majoring in biological science and technology. I have passion for biotechnology. I look forward to having unforgettable experiment in the university life, so I am glad to join NCTU_Formosa this year. By participating in iGEM, I learn a lot of knowledge and communicate with people from different countries. This time, our project will make you impressive. I can't wait to see you in Boston.

Hi, I am Zih-Yu You from NCTU_FORMOSA. I’m a third year student of Biological science and technology from NCTU in Taiwan. I learn a lot of things during participating iGEM, ike Experiment skills and teamwork.The most important thing is that I get to know more about different fields that I have never known.I am very appreciative and also looking forward to the Giant Jamboree in Boston!!! See you in Boston.

Hi, I’m Wen-Chia Chen and major in Biological Science and technology. I feel amazing when I learn about synthetic biology and what iGEM does. Until now, I learn much more then experience and now I’m proud of being a iGEMer in NCTU Formosa team. I believe this competition will definitely change my collage life. It’s my pleasure to make friends with people who also have passion in this field, too. Nice to meet you!

Hello, I am CHEN, KAI-WEN, majoring in Biotechnology and like to draw. You can also call me Kevin. Since I want some different experience as a freshman, I joined the NCTU_Formosa team. It is so cool and fun for me to create a life which can do anything we want just by inserting a gene! I can’t wait to share our project with you in Boston! Besides, I also want to make some minded friends. Therefore, I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Hi, I am Yi-Chen, Lin. I study in Biological Science and Technology. I am excited to join NCTU_Formosa team. This year, I create lots of unforgettable experience with partners. Joining iGEM gives me a golden chance to breakthrough myself. I am glad to learn new things and make friends with people around the world through joining iGEM.

Hallo everyone, I’m Chen-Yi LEE. I major in Nano Science and Engineering. The reason why I joined NCTU_Formosa is simple – I like biology and I am extremely fond of doing research. I am honored to be a member in my team, and enjoy to work with mates which have common goal and try hard together. I hope that we will have fun and learn a lot during the competition. I believe this is meaningful to me.

Hello, I am XIN-YI HUANG, and I am a freshman majoring in Biological Science and Technology. This summer, I mainly work on testing in greenhouse and wet lab,and I learn many thing during this time. It is a rare chance to join iGEM. I'm very glad to be a member of the NCTU_Formosa big family.

Hi, I'm Doreen. I major in biological science and technology. Because I really love biology so I want to join NCTU_Formosa to have more experience.In our team,I do the main design about power point,team logo,and wiki. I learn a lot in this team and I hope our project can change the world become more comfortable and prefect.

Since this year to participate in iGEM very fulfilling. I am so proud of being a member of NCTU_Formosa team. In many conference, I made lots of minded friends. Thank iGEM broaden my horizons.I am Cynthia Chen. I am looking forward to seeing all the team projects and meeting people around the world to discuss and share ideas in synthetic biology.

Hello, I am YU HUA CHANG, majoring in industrial engineering and management department. Actually, I have started to touch the biological area since I participated iGEM. So I am learning from beginning, and I still learning now. But I had happy time this year and make a lot of friends from another countries.

I'm Ching-Wen Cheng, you can also call me Peter. I'm a student of electrical and computer engineering. My favorite computer language is Python. The reason that I join the iGEM competition because I think if we can build a genetic engineered bio robot, that might be very cool. Hoping to see more interesting project during this time.

Hi, I’m Oliver. I lived in Taichung, Taiwan.I like to dance, play basketball, volleyball and play piano.Besides, I’m also enthusiastic about biological science. I’m glad to participate in iGEM competition and be one of the member of NCTU_FORMOSA.I’m looking forward to meet other teams in giant jamboree.

I'm Michael, a student major in electrophysics department from NCTU in Taiwan. I enjoy playing science, for me, joining iGEM is a good chance letting my imagination to roam unlimitedly. I like painting and making toys by electricunits, and I would like to make friends with you, let's enjoy the iGEM, enjoy the science!

Hi~ I am Fung Ling, the year 4 student of the Department of Biological Science and Technology in NCTU and have joined this jamboree for the second years! Because of my great passion in biotech and enjoying the interesting and amazing in biology, I have decided to take the journey in iGEM again this year. Let's enjoy!

Advisors and Instructors

Hello everyone, I’m Sandy, I’m from Taipei and I’m the student in NCTU biological science and technology. I’m really happy to join this competition in 2013 and excited to be here to share different experience with people all over the world. I learn a lot in this competition, not only the wet lab work but also team work and presentation skills. It’s my pleasure to meet you all, let’s do our best and enjoy the competition as well.

Hi, I'm Lung-Chieh Chen, a senior student, majoring in Biological Science and Technology at National Chiao-Tung Univer- sity. I hope I can share my experience to all of the team mates and lead them to the right way. For me, iGEM lets me learn many things, like skills in wet/dry lab, courage of presenting/promoting our project/ team, enthusiasm of designing our poster/ ppt/art graphs, and most importantly harm- onious/efficient teamwork. Thus, I really enjoy iGEM and I hope I can share my passion with everyone in the world. Expect to meet you all. Let's do our best and enjoy iGEM as well!Please feel free to contact with me.

Hi, I’m Luke Chang. This is my first time to be an adviser. I’m the 2015 NCTU_Formosa iGEM team member. I’m interested in biology and physics, and I admire Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking greatly, their theory deeply influenced me. I also interested in classical music, Chinese chess, movies, legendary creatures, and especially good at Chinese martial art. It’s really my pleasure to be an adviser this year!

Hi, I'm Roy Wang and I major in Biological Science and Technology. I am a boy of many interests, which range from music composition, Go, prototype design, to cooking and traveling. However, my true passion lies in urban planning. I am proud to be a part of NCTU_Formosa this year and this is my third time to join iGEM. It's not an end, but another beginning.

My name is Ting-Han Guo, I major in biotechnology. After I join iGEM I learn many things, team work, how to think, experiment.

I am Amber and I'm a junior now. I major in transportation and logistics management. Because I have great teammates that taught me and helped me a lot so I can really learned a great lesson from this competition. I'm so proud of being a member of NCTU_FORMOSA and an igemer.

Hi, I'm Morris Hsu and I major in Nano Science and Engineering. I'm very glad to be part of the NCTU_Formosa big family.

I'm Nai-Chen Chi A senior student in NCTU. I'm an engineering student who knew little about bio tech at first. But now I know more by doing research or experiment. Things that I could never learn if I haven't join igem team.

Hi, I'm Rachel Lee and I major in Nano Science and Engineering. I am a girl of many interests, which range from music composition, language-studying, fiction-writing, public speaking, to cooking and traveling.

HI I'm Ray, a Nano Science and Engineering major in NCTU. The reason why I participates in NCTU Formosa iGEM team is that I love the feeling of working with friends which have the same belief with me and accomplishing the tasks together, eventually doing something good to the society.

My name is Ming-Hsiu, Hsieh! It's my second year to be a iGEMer, and a first year to be a adviser, especially for wiki. Last year, iGEM brought me a fantastic memory. We 'iGEM' day and night whole year to finish our project, definitely learning a lot of things. Though I am not a professor of writing a web site, I will still do my best to help the 2016 iGEM NCTU_Formosa. Good luck for all of you!

Dr. Chen is now an Associate Professor at the Department of Biological Science and Technology in National Chiao Tung University. He's interested in genetic network, synthetic biology and cancer biology.

Professor Hsiao-Ching Lee received the B.S. degree and Ph.D. degree from the Department of Life Science at National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan, R.O.C. in 1999 and 2005 respectively. From 2005 to 2007, she worked as a postdoctoral research position at NTHU. She is now an Assistant Professor with the Department of Biological Science and Technology at National Chiao Tung University. Her current research interests include molecular biology, synthetic biology and bioinformatics.

Dr. Jong is the Dean of College of Biological Science and Technology of National Chiao Tung University. His re- search areas are Pediatrics Pediatric Neurology, Myology, Molecular Genetics, and Medical Genetics.

Dr. Huang is a Professor and the current vice-dean of Department of Biological Science & Technology, Institute of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology of National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan R.O.C. His current researches include microRNA regulation, protein post-translational modification databases building, and dry- lab tools development.