Team:SDSZ China/Safety

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Bacteria we handled

E.coli TOP10 and DH5alpha, both are BSL1 organisms.

Chemicals we handled

We were exposed to mostly nonhazardous chemicals like agarose, LB and SOB agar, and their raw materials like NaCl, KCl. We also handle the neurotoxic chemical polyacrylamide to tun the polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis, and we did that under a chemical fume hood, with rubber gloves and lab coats on.

Lab environment

There are open bench, clean bench, and a chemical fume hood in our lab. We are well equipped with instruments for molecular biology experiments, such as Quantitative Real-time PCR System, Fluorescence microscope, Refrigerated Centrifuge, Metal Bath, Air Heating Incubator, etc. And the Lab for Microbiology Experiment was totally 40 square meters, with Biohazard Safety Equipment, Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet and other necessary instruments. It can be used for carrying out microbiology experiment with bio-safety level of P2.

Safety protocols in lab

In our high school, the lab guidelines focus on both instructing teachers to properly teach and students to protect their own safety. It demands teachers should emphasize the lab safety rules and teach students to proceed according to instructions; it clearly states that labs should remain ventilated when harmful volatile chemicals are used during experiment, that fire sources in lab and preparation rooms should be kept away from combustible materials, and that the injured should be immediately treated.