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Team SUSTC-Shenzhen



The Southern University of Science and Technology iGEM team (SUSTech_Shenzhen.2016) was responsible for almost all parts of this project on our own, including laboratory establishment, supply and reagent purchase, brainstorming, project idea conception, and lab work execution. In addition, we would like to sincerely thank all those who have helped us over this year.


Professor Wei Huang, Biology

For providing essential lab facilities, and kind advices on various aspects on our project like circuit construction, cell linage, quantitative metrics and microfluidics. He also generously provided us with the PiggyBac system, doxcyline-inducible systems and Cre-Lox system.

Professor Yu Chung Tse, Biology

For providing advice on experimental design; helped us with brainstorming.

Professor Jiankui He, Biology

For providing guides for the participation of IGEM

Professor Fangyi Chen, Biomedical Engineering

For helping us with theories on sound generator design.

Professor Jaewon Park, Electrical Engineering

For helping with troubleshooting and theories in microfluidics design and experiments.

Professor Xin Cheng, Material Science and Engineering

For providing access and expertise support to his microfabrication facility. 

Professor Bin Tang, Biomedical Engineering

For helping computing the mechanical stress on the cells with various experimental setups. 


Professor Maojun Yang of Tsing Hua University

For generously providing us with the Piezo1 gene. It is a 7.5kb gene and very difficult to clone.

Professor Jianbo Yue of Hong Kong City University

For generously providing us with the R-Geco1 gene and advices on calcium data analysis.

Facility managers of Micro and Nanofabrication Facility, including Yao Wang and Rui Zhang

For providing help and suggestion in making microfluidics chips.

Members of the Huang Lab, including Weiming Fan, Deng Tan

For providing incredible amount of help and suggestion in molecular and cell experiment.

Members of teaching Lab of biology department, including Fangxing Jia, Yinglan Zhao, Chunhong Yu and Kunfeng Bai

For providing help and suggestions on molecular and cell experiments; helped us with setting up our own lab and provided us with CHO-K1 cell.

Professor Chunmiao Zheng in the School of Environmental Science and Engineering

For providing help in microfluidics chip design and hydraulics calculation

Members of 2014 SUSTC-Shenzhen team, including Rifei Chen, Yicong Tao

Rifei Chen (Undergraduate senior): helped us with making microfluidics chip and theories of Biobricks construction

Yicong Tao (Graduate): provided some advice on managing the team.

SUSTech Presidential Foundation

For generously providing funds for research and travelling

SUSTech Biology Department

For providing us with dedicated lab space, access to various experimental instrument and training, and offered laboratory safety training and examination before experiments.

Integrated DNA Technologies

For synthesizing TRPC5 gene freely for us.

Made by from the iGEM team SUSTech_Shenzhen.

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