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Team SUSTC-Shenzhen



Flow Cytometer Measurement


  • 194.7 g FITC (provided in kit)
  • 10ml 1xPBS (phosphate buffered saline) 96 well plate
  • Competent cells (Escherichia coli strain DH5α)
  • LB (Luria Bertani) media with Chloramphenicol (stock concentration 25 mg/mL dissolved in EtOH), 1 ml Falcon tube for cell growth Incubator at 37°C, 1.5 ml eppendorf tubes for sample storage Ice bucket with ice,Pipettes, SpheroTech Rainbow Calibration Particles RCP-30-5A, CytoFlex flow cytometer

Devices (from InterLab Measurement Kit):

  • Positive control
  • Negative control
  • Device 1: J23101+I13504
  • Device 2: J23106+I13504
  • Device 3: J23117+I13504


  1. Open computer, click cytometer setting, load clean solution and system startup program for initialization.

  2. Load QC(Lot: 45065) falcon tube to do pre-tests.

  3. Load Rainbow beads, set FSC-A-SSA, FSC-A-FSC-H, FITC-A-Count.

  4. Mix 100ul overnight culture with PBS, load samples and examine the fluorescence.

  5. Close experiment and perform daily clean with ddH2O. Exit the software.


T--SUSTech Shenzhen--B74F8563-C2AD-497D-97E7-5F96FB3B3034.png
Tab. 1 Result of flow cytometer measurement
T--SUSTech Shenzhen--851A11BD-5BF8-4D19-A68D-2DBAF254C59F.png
Fig. 1 FITC fluorescence peaks of Rainbow beads
T--SUSTech Shenzhen--73D6A3C0-5B40-4E21-B604-8D6A4B81F698.png
Fig. 2 FITC fluorescence peak of negative control
T--SUSTech Shenzhen--9247196A-FE86-4BF7-98C5-9BEF806BAEB1.png
Fig. 3 FITC fluorescence peak of positive control
T--SUSTech Shenzhen--FAA88036-4284-4532-9C21-2479A04DE1A8.png
Fig. 4 FITC fluorescence peak of Device 2

Made by from the iGEM team SUSTech_Shenzhen.

Licensed under CC BY 4.0.