Team:Stony Brook/Attributions


Our Advisors

Dr. Emmanuel Asare

Emmanuel was our primary advisor throughout the summer and often helped us troubleshoot our problems with cloning procedures. He also helped us refine our PCR set ups and helped us diagnose a problem with our ligations.

Dr. Gabor Balaszi

Dr. Balaszi helped us with initial formulation of our project idea. He provided valuable insight about our project premise.

Dr. Jarod French

Dr. French provided us with use of his plate reader and other lab equipment.

Dr. John Peter Gergen

Dr. Gergen served as our first point of contact with the undergraduate Biology faculty. He provided us with valuable insight regarding our project description and presentation.

Dr. Steven Glynn

Dr. Glynn provided us with information regarding his past experiences with yeast.

Dr. Joshua Rest

Dr. Rest provided us with insight regarding expression of mammalian proteins in yeast.

The Department of Biochemistry and Cellular Biology

Dr. Neta Dean

  • Professor Dean provided us with shuttle vectors for our project and offered a bit of advice.

Dr. Nancy Hollingsworth

  • Professor Hollingsworth provided us advice with the project, as well as providing us with our yeast chassis.

Dr. James Bliska

  • Provided us with insight in the context of expressing SRC kinases on the surface of yeast based on his past experiments on VSRC

The Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology

Dr. Bruce Futcher

  • Dr. Futcher provided our team with shuttle vectors for our vaccine preservation project.

Dr. James Konopka

  • Professor Konopka was a great help to our team, providing us with a means to choose Cripto-1 as our project of interest.

The Department of Undergraduate Biology

Nancy Black

  • Nancy took care of the stocking of the lab and was our liaison whenever we needed to access our funds to buy materials for the lab. She also taught us how to use the autoclave initially

Mary Bernero

  • Mary was our lab manager and helped us with the logistical setup of the lab. She also provided us with lab equipment and helped us troubleshoot technical issues with that equipment

Jesse Kuhn

  • Jesse operates the stockroom where we acquired all of our ordered resources and necessary reagents.