Team:Stony Brook/Safety2


BSL-1 Organisms

  • Stony Brook iGEM worked with E. coli and S. cerevisiae
  • We complied with BSL-1 guidelines and wore the required PPE around the lab when handling those organisms
    1. Nitrile gloves
    2. Closed-toe shoes and long pants
    3. UV-protective glasses/goggles for DNA gel analysis
  • Gloves were changed after working with said organisms to prevent cross contamination
  • No organisms were brought out of the lab at any time

Handling of chemicals

  • All chemicals, such as Ethidium Bromide and Glacial Acetic Acid were kept in specified areas and were carried in secondary containers as well to minimize risk of spilling
  • Biological waste was disposed of appropriately, especially if such waste included E. Coli and/or S. Cerevisiae

Non-Pathogenic Parts

  • Constructs ordered from IDT or otherwise synthesized were made from coding sequences that code for non-pathogenic or infectious molecules