Team:TU Darmstadt/Achievements

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iGEM TU Darmstadt 2016



Register for iGEM, have a great summer and attend the Giant Jamboree
Meet all deliverables on the requirements page
Create a page on your team wiki with clear attributions to each aspect of your project
Document at least one new standard BioBrick part or device central to your project and submit this part to the iGEM registry


Experimentally validate that at least one new BioBrick part or device of your own design and construction works as expected. Document the characterization of this part in the Main Page of that part's/device's registry entry. Submit this new part to the iGEM Parts Registry. This part must be different from the part documented in the bronze medal criterion #4
BBa_K1976001 BBa_K1976031 BBa_K1976033 BBa_K1976054 BBa_K1976055
Convince the judges you have helped any registered iGEM team in a significant way
Human Practices activity


Integrate Human Practices into the design and/or execution of your project
Improve the function or characterization of an existing BioBrick part or device and enter this information in the registry
Demonstrate a functional proof of concept of your project
Show your project working under real world conditions. To achieve this criterion, you should demonstrate your whole system or a functional proof of concept working under simulated conditions

Applied Special Prices

Best Education and Public Engagement
Best Integrated Human Practices
Best New Basic Part
Best New Composite Part
Best Part Collection
Best Hardware
Best Software Tool
Best Innovation in Measurement
Best Model
Best Poster - Meet us at our poster and get thrilled!
Best Presentation - See us live on stage! Saturday 29th, 10 am, Room 309