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iGEM TU Darmstadt 2016


The TU Darmstadt iGEM Team 2016 highly appreciates every kind of support that was provided by so many people and would like to say thank you!

First of all, we would like to say thank you to the working group of Professor Warzecha for providing us with a lab, advice and materials. Especially, we would like to thank Simone for managing our orders as well as for always supporting us.
Prof. Warzecha, thank you for being our advisor and spending so much time and effort on our project. You made it possible for us to plan, organize and carry out our own project.

We would also like to thank the working group of Prof. Süß for always supporting us with materials and expertise.

The working groups Kolmar, Schmitz, Thiel, Fessner, Meusinger and Simon also provided materials, the possibility to work in their lab and advice which in the end makes it possible for us to carry out all the different parts of our project.

For advice, good conversations and sharing their experiences, we would like to thank former iGEM team members. Especially, we want to thank our instructor Thea Lotz, Sascha Hein, Thomas Dohmen and Michael Suerder.

Dr. Guido Klees provided us with good advice regarding human practices, which also deserves our appreciation.
Barbara Wolf and Heinke Poulsen helped us to manage the sponsoring and Viktor Vanharra gave a workshop for our sponsoring team.

We are thanking Peter Neuroth who helped our design team when they had problems with HTML;
Marie-Luise Reif who agreed to supervise the chemical synthesis group,
Alexander Stefas from the Digital Design Unit, Daniel J. Hofmann, the FabLab and 3Dator for helping out our hardware team and Sven Jager, who gave some valuable advice to our modeling team. We also thank F. Groher who gave good advice and support when problems occured.

Of course, we are thanking our sponsors without whom our project would not have been possible.

Evonik gave us the possibility to visit the company in Marl, to present our project to their innovation department and supported us financially.

Joschi Julian Haeussler supported us financially and gave us workshops

L. and H. Kleuter supported us financially too

We thank all those, who worked together with us in such a productive manner, e.g. other iGEM teams, the politicians who agreed to talk to us, to all others that are not mentioned here but provided us with advice, experience or support and to all team members who worked hard all year to ensure the success of this year’s project.

Last but not least we thank the iGEM Foundation for their hard work, organizing the annual competition for all the students around the world. We had a great time and looking forward to the next round. See you there!