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iGEM TU Darmstadt 2016


A Huge THANK YOU Goes to These iGEM Teams

We would like to thank iGEM Göttingen for helping us to test Minicolicin in other organisms than E. coli, as well as iGEM Aachen for trying to help us with the assembly and characterisation of the orthogonal pair. We had a lot of nice Skype sessions and it was great fun to work with you!

We would like to thank the iGEM team of Texas at Austin as well for constructing their ONBY (o‑nitrobenzyl‑O‑tyrosine) orthogonal pair. We used the open reading frame (ORF) as template and replaced the coding sequences with our own sequences. This helped us with constructing our plasmid, thank you for this work.

We want to thank the iGEM team of Munich for the good collaboration regarding the syringe pump. You sent us your pump so we could compare it to ours and get some more ideas!

We also want to thank the iGEM team from Düsseldorf for organising a collaboration of eight iGEM teams in Germany. All of us designed postcards with biotechnological topics to raise public awareness. We appreciate the effort and hope that this postcard distribution will make people more familiar to synthetic biology!

Finally a special tribute goes to iGEM Marburg for arranging the german iGEM meet‑up. We all had much fun there, got to know other iGEM team members and are looking forward to see everyone we met there on the Giant Jamboree!