Team:TU Darmstadt/Human Practices/MaterialsPrognosis

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We invite every Team to pick up our research and continue it for the human practice part next year. Ideally, we can get results that can be compared internationally in the future, which we can use to analyze and compare attitudes towards our research. If the questionnaire is changed to a quantitative one, comparing the politicians positions in different societies would be even easier.


Here you can assess our questionnaire. Of course you have to replace “Germany” by your country/state. It needs to be mentioned that the question “Do you think, your party would sponsor projects, just as ours“ did not work out the way we planned it. The politicians thought we asked for funding even though we just wanted their political support. As such, the question needs to be rephrased. Another possibility is to change the questionnaire to be a quantitative one. In this case it has to be noted that the interviewees belong to a certain party, but it can still be adopted with slight changes in content.


Additionally we provide a guideline for you to make the scheduling of the interviews easier.