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The Social Democratic Party of Germany is a centre-left party in Germany and the classical working class party.
They stand for social solidarity, social market economy and a welfare state.

Brigitte Zypries

Age: 62
Profession: lawyer, member of the Bundestag
Party: SPD (social democratic party of Germany)
1988-1990: scientific assistant on the Federal Constitutional Court
1997-1998: State Secretary for women, work and social matters in Lower Saxony
1998-2002: State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of the Interior
2002-2009: Federal Minister of Justice
Since 2005: Member of the Bundestag
Since 2013: parliamentary State Secretary of the Federal Minister of Economics and Energy
Since 2014: coordinator for aerospace for the Federal Government

Micheal Siebel

Age: 59
Profession: teacher for mathematics and biology
Party: SPD (social democratic party of Germany)
Former chairman of the young socialists Hesse south
Former secretary of AStA TU Darmstadt
1994 spokesman of the SPD State parliament faction, vice chairman of SPD Hesse south
Since 1999: Member of the State parliament Hesse
2003 to June 2016: vice chairman of SPD State parliament faction Hesse
since April 2016: spokesman of the SPD-faction Darmstadt


The Christ Democratic Union of Germany is a political party in Germany
It stands for freedom, justice and solidarity, and sees itself as a people's party.

Hartwig Jourdan

Age: 49
Profession: agricultural master craftsman
Party: CDU (christian democratic union)
Since 1997 city delegate Darmstadt
Since 2011 CDU-factionleader
Chairman of CDU-Wixhausen
Member of the town parliament Wixhausen

Simon Pflästerer

Age: 33
Profession: lawyer
Party: CDU (christian democratic union)
2003-2006: alternative military service at the voluntary fire brigade Weinheim
2006-2008: secretary of youth fire brigade Rhein-Neckar-district
2010-2011: secretary of the JU Weinheim
Since 2014: member of the directorate and treasurer of the Weinheimer Liste, secretary of the faction and spokesman
Since 2015: councillor of Weinheim, member of the committees for technics and environment, sport and culture, main committee, reputation committee and Council of Elders
Since July 2016: vice-chairman of the Weinheimer Senioren Convent (WSC)

Bündnis´90/Die Grünen

Bündnis 90/Die Grünen is a formally organized political party in Germany based on the principles of green politics, such as social justice, environmentalism, renewable energies and nonviolence.

Jochen Partsch

Age: 54
Profession: Lord Mayor of Darmstadt, degreed sociologist
Party: Bündnis 90/die Grünen
1995-2004: Coordinator for local employment promotion, working group for social focal points of the Federal State of Hesse
2004-2006: scientific assistant and lecturer at the Hochschule Darmstadt, research on community orientated employment promotion in disadvantaged districts.
Since 2006: full-time city councillor of Darmstadt, department for social affairs, youth, housing, labour market policy, women policy and intercultural matters.
Since 2011: Lord Mayor of Darmstadt

Hildegard Förster-Heldmann

Age: 58 years
Profession: applied science degree designer
Party: Bündnis 90/die Grünen
Since 2001: City council member of the green faction Darmstadt
Parliamentary party leader of the green party Darmstadt
Spokesperson of the district chapter Darmstadt of the green party