Every iGEM project is a team effort. Without anyone in the following list, this project would not have gotten to where it is now.

General Organisation

Brian Weidensee, Nikolas Layer, Daniela Nguyen and Katharina Sporbeck were responsible for the general organisation, starting by organising the weekly meetings to communicate with other teams and institutions.


The idea for the this year’s main project was initiated by Mirjam Gneiting. The final project was then developed together with Brian Weidensee, Lukas Fuhs, Maximilian Bunz, Nikolas Layer and Yana Parfyonova. For the lab work, Stefan Petschak, Pascal Wang, Milena Krach and Simon Christmann reinforced the team.

Clone Wars

The Clone Wars project was developed and planned by Nicolai von Kuegelgen, Daniela Nguyen and Katharina Sporbeck. The practical work in the wet lab was done by Stefan Petschak, supported by Milena Krach, Mirjam Gneiting, Pascal Wang and Stefanie Holz.

Death Star

The concept for our Death Star was developed by Mirjam Gneiting and Kevin Sabath.

Human Practices

Our human practices team consists of Jens Reich, Lucas Muehling and Sarah Roffeis. They organised participation at the meet-ups, organised our presentation in the Science Slam, and helped our high school intern to find around our lab.


All of the modelling was done by Adrian Geissler with the help of Alexander Roehl. The wiki design was done by Mirjam Gneiting, and Adrian Geissler transformed this into the code for the wiki.


Daniela Nguyen and Katharina Sporbeck were responsible for fundraising, building up and maintaining contact to companies.


We want to give big thanks to PD Dr. Elisabeth Fuss, Dr. Andreas Draeger and Prof. Dr. Alfred Nordheim for constant support and help with whatever questions we had.

Thank you also to:

  • Dr. Klaus Moeschel for helping to find a room for our work
  • Prof. Dr. Jakob Suckale and Prof. Dr. Dirk Schwarzer for help with the Clone Wars Project and the possibility to use the 3D printer
  • Prof. Dr. Andreas Peschel at the Institute for Microbiology for the MRS medium
  • Prof. Dr. Ulrike Zentgraf for lab materials
  • AG Feil, especially Barbara Birk, for electroporation and autoclaving
  • AG Jansen, for help with the yeast experiments
  • AG Stehle, especially Christoph Schall, for help with materials
  • AG Hailfinger for MiniPreps, lab materials and general support
  • AG Grond for chemicals regarding the fructose test
  • Death Star logo by Lucid Formation from the Noun Project