The European Experience 2016 in Paris

EE16 - the biggest get together of iGEM in Europe

From July 1-3 the iGEM teams Evry and IONIS from Paris hosted the “European Experience 2016”, the biggest get together of iGEM teams in Europe. Twenty-seven teams from eleven countries all over Europe were part of a vivid network, exchanging ideas and thoughts about the ongoing projects in the 2016 iGEM competition. Not only discussions about the projects but also about opportunities in synthetic biology were part of the meeting in Paris.

Working in the morning...

The event started with a poster session to get to know the other projects and participants and to present our projects to the other participants. We could use this platform to get new ideas about our project, and we were able to discuss specific problems and safety matters about our project. For example, one of these issues regards to the question how to ensure the biosafety of a genetically modified organism (GMO) which could be ingested into the human body as part of treatment.

In the afternoon, two roundtables gave insight into risks, chances, and economics of synthetic biology. Both tables provided unique insights into an evolving economic sector of synthetic biology. It was an excellent opportunity to get in touch with leading scientists and entrepreneurs of France. Furthermore, the discussion gave a broader view of opportunities within the sector of synthetic biology. This made it a very stimulating and interesting event.

Everyone is listening intently at the round table discussion.

...networking in the evening

Of course, our stay in Paris gave also room for pleasure and networking with other iGEM participants. We had some nice hours hanging on the edge of our seat while our home teams from Belgium, Wales, France, Germany and all the other teams were defeating each other during the European Soccer Championship in France. Sport brings people together, so we made new friends with the iGEM teams of Cardiff, UCLouvain, and others.


All in all, the European Experience 2016 in Paris, provided us with unique experiences and new knowledge about iGEM, Synthetic Biology, and France. It gave us new input for our project and potential controversies and helped us to present our ideas in front of new and interested people.