Lab Work

Heads of Research: Lucas Brown, Samantha Toohey, Hayley Carabello
Alumni Advisors: Peter Cavanagh, Connor McBrine
CRISPR/Cas9 Proposal Background: Christopher Kuhner, Arin Naidu, Katherine Williams, Yimin Zhang
CRISPR/Cas9 Proposal Details: Hayley Carabello, Peter Cavanagh, Christopher Kuhner, Connor McBrine, Arin Naidu, Katherine Williams, Yimin Zhang
Laboratory Research: Lucas Brown, Hayley Carabello, Peter Cavanagh, Dani Burton, Marko Vukovic, Michaela Gold, Schuyler Link, Connor McBrine, Adam Rayfield, Denali Rao, Katherine Williams, Yimin Zhang, Christopher Kuhner

Human Practices

Podcast Creators: Hayley Carabello, Christopher Kuhner, Lucas Brown
Podcast Participants: Dr. Jonathan Garlick, Tufts Medical School and the Sackler School for Graduate Biomedical Sciences
Andrea Smidler, Harvard Medical School


Wiki and Website Design - Marc Greenfield, Denali Rao
Wiki and Website Content – Tufts Synthetic Biology Team
Since this year’s project is a continuation of Tufts iGEM’s project last year, much of the 2015 wiki content remains applicable, and was used in the 2016 wiki.

NEGEM 2016

We would like to thank the BU iGEM Team for organizing the two NEGEM conferences and providing an environment for collaboration and feedback.

Cell Lines

The Fuhrman Lab at Tufts University kindly provided JM109 cells used for general cloning purposes.
The Kritzer Lab at Tufts University kindly provided Rosetta-gami 2 cells.
The Nair Lab at Tufts University kindly provided BL21(DE3) E. coli.
The Sun Lab at Tufts Veterinary School kindly provided Bacillus megaterium cells.

Technical Insight

Dr. Nikhil Nair served as advisor for Tufts iGEM and provided assistance in scientific and administrative matters. Joseph Bober also aided in the use of Nair Lab Resources.
Dr. Lauren Linton provided guidance, put the team in contact with knowledgable resources, and helped coordinate our funding and access to equipment.
Dr. Linc Sonenshein provided advice for the project.
Dr. Xingmin Sun provided the atcdB plasmid, Bacillus megaterium cells, and relevant protocols including the transformation of B. megaterium cells.
Dr. Joshua Kritzer provided his expert opinion on design considerations relating to protein expression and design.
Dr. Charles Shoemaker provided advice for the project.
Dr. David Walt was an early advisor to the team, reviewed the proposals, and gave technical insight for the projects.
Dr. Benjamin Wolfe provided gradient thermocyclers for amplification of DNA.

Lab Space

We would like to thank the Tufts Department of Biology for allowing Tufts iGEM to use its lab space and communal equipment. We would especially like to thank Michael Grossi for his assistance in this respect.