Team:UCC Ireland/Collaborations


iGEM Collaborations

iGEM Exeter

iGEM Exeter contacted us in early summer to organise a collaboration between our two teams. We spoke with their team over skype in order to determine what each team could do to help the other. As part of this several team members were involved in a brief video interview with regard to the following; (i) Define a kill switch (ii) Our opinion on gender inequality in science.

iGEM Norwich

As one of our team members, Brandon Malone took part in a research project in UEA (University of East Anglia) it was decided that we would collaborate with the iGEM Norwich team. A video series to aid future iGEM teams was decided on and the production of it began in August. These videos include background theory and experiment tutorial on basic techniques used in synbio lab such as; cloning, ligation, transformation. Our contribution to the video involved the production of the aforementioned experiment tutorial. Links to these videos can be found below.

iGEM Xiamen University

For both 2014 and 2015 Xiamen University, which is based in Fujian in China, have produced iGEM newsletters. The subject matter in these newsletters included Team introductions, how team members are chosen, ethical discussion and human practices. For our part in the newsletter we submitted a piece on team and project introduction and another piece on vaccines.