As stated in the Silver page, our What is Natural?, At What Cost?, and Sweet n’ Safe? Storylines are composed of two stages. The first stage was focused upon identifying and investigating the three barriers to expanding accessibility and adoption of zero-calorie sweeteners. The second stage, corresponding to our Gold activity, was our efforts of integrating the information we collected from these investigated issues in the execution of our projects, namely expanding accessibility and adoption of zero-calorie sweeteners by cultivating discussion and education on GMOs, reducing costs, and by both understanding and spreading awareness on the health benefits of zero-calorie sweeteners. All three of these storylines, while distinct in their missions, were intertwined in this focus upon education and public engagement. Our engagement with the COSMOS students, our presentation and debate with the Greenpeace representative, our Build-A-Bioreactor handbook, our research survey, and our Diabetes Walk are all central examples of our public engagement and education efforts. It is with great pleasure that we invite you to journey with us through these efforts.

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