Through our three storylines, What is Natural?, At What Cost?, and Sweet n’ Safe?, we explored public perceptions on key issues related both to our project and our mission. We feel our storylines came in two stages, the first of which corresponds with the Silver requirement and the second of which corresponds to the Gold requirement.The first stage was centered around identifying and investigating the barriers to expanding accessibility to zero-calorie sweeteners, because the first step to tackling a problem is to understand it. It was here that our team addressed these issues from diverse array of perspectives, whether it be a nutritionist, a researcher, a businessman, a dignified professor of law, a bioethicist, a celebrity, or a formerly elected official. The discussion we cultivated and the information we gathered allowed us to understand both public perception and public policy from multiple viewpoints, whether it was a legal, political, scientific, or moral. Through our Human Practices storylines, we invite you to explore with us how these various considerations, controversies, and elements of our storylines interact within the context of our project to continually develop our questions and drive them forward.

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