Team:UIUC Illinois

UIUC_Illinois iGEM 2016

Promoters can be used to control the gene expression of whichever gene they are placed upstream of. Most promoters which are currently in the iGEM registry can be separated into one of two categories. There are constitutive, or “always on,” promoters of various strengths. There are also inducible promoters, which activate transcription based environmental factors such as light, pH, or the presence of any number of molecules.

For this year's competition, UIUC_Illinois is characterizing a promoter library that will give users more control over gene expression, without the need for inducers.

Just in Time.

A library of growth phase dependent promoters.

2016 IGEM Jamboree Results:

UIUC_Illinois received the bronze medal!

Photos from the Jamboree!