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UIUC_Illinois iGEM 2016


The Team

Meet the 2016 UIUC_Illinois iGEM Team!


Caroline Blassick

Student Leader

Hi, I’m Caroline! I’m a junior in Bioengineering and this is my second summer of iGEM. I love working in the lab and helping with the team’s graphic design. Outside of iGEM, I enjoy quilting, reading, and board games.


Jonathan Chang

Student Member

My name is Jonathan Chang, and I'm a sophomore in Bioengineering. My current interests lie in therapeutics. I love animals and hope that the research I'm involved with as well as my future contributions will help them greatly. In my free time, I enjoy playing a little volleyball and the Chinese yoyo.


Hiba Shahid

Student Member

Hey, my name is Hiba. I'm a junior in Bioengineering and my interests lie in electrophysiology and global health technologies. In my free time I love painting, talking to cats, and browsing the daily memes with my morning coffee.


Augustine Koh

Student Member

Hi, my name is Augustine! I became passionate about synthetic biology after reading a research paper describing the applications of engineering methodologies for building biological systems, whilst doing research with a group that develops software tools for integrated circuit design. Coupled with my concerns about our food and nutrition crisis, I realized that synthetic biology is where I can draw upon my abilities as an electrical engineer to develop impactful solutions, and am very glad I got into iGEM the following summer.


Mariam Saadah

Student Member

Hello! My name is Mariam Saadah and I’m currently a junior in Bioengineering. I am heavily involved in research, both inside and outside of iGEM, because I am always excited to learn and explore new things. In my free time, I like to garden and watch mystery shows.


Viraat Goel

Student Member

Hello there! My name is Viraat Goel and I’m currently a sophomore in Bioengineering.  My research interests lie in the vein of cell and tissue engineering, and outside iGEM I am also a member of Model UN, Engineering Ambassadors, and Student Council. I enjoy biking, puns, and attempting (and failing) to grow a decent beard.

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