Team:UIUC Illinois/Attributions

UIUC_Illinois iGEM 2016


All wetlab, wiki, and presentation content was created by the undergraduate members of our team. However, none of our work would have been possible without the time, knowledge, advice, and materials kindly donated by our advisors and sponsors. Thank you for all of your help! We would like to thank the following advisors for providing troubleshooting and general technique advice, as well suggesting the project concept, aiding in project planning, and giving feedback on all aspects of our project:

Faculty Advisors:

Auinash Kalsotra, School of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Ting Lu, Department of Bioengineering

Graduate Advisors

Michelle Goettge

Todd Freestone

Stephan Lane

Ananya Sen

Yidan Zhou


Courtney Cox

Kathryne Metcalf

Lab Manager:

Jessica Beaudoin

Wiki Consultant:

Joshua Lew


Information on the growth-dependent activity of our chosen promoter was sourced from the following publication:

Sangurdekar DP, Srienc F, Khodursky AB. A classification based framework for quantitative description of large-scale microarray data. Genome Biol2006;7(4):R32

Thank you to our hosting theme, Biosystems Design, at the Institute for Genomic Biology

Institution Affiliations