Bronze Requirements
  1. Register and Attend

    We had a really great summer! We are registered and will be attending the Giant Jamboree Oct. 27-31, 2016.

  2. Deliverables

    Follow this link to our completed Judging Form. Our project is described in our Project Description and our parts can be found on the registry through our Parts page. We will present our project at this year’s Giant Jamboree on Saturday Oct. 29, 2016 in Room 311 at 4:00 PM.

  3. Attributions

    The work done by the students on the Waterloo iGEM team and the assistance we received from our advisors, iGEM teams, graduate students, and many other is displayed on our Attributions page.

  4. Parts/Contribution

    We have added our two BioBricks with documentation on the iGEM Parts Registry: BBa_K2137001 and BBa_K2137002. How these parts are used is discusssed on the Parts page.

Silver Requirements
  1. Validated Part

    We have validated both of our Biobricks (BBa_K2137001 and BBa_K2137002) and documented its characterization in the iGEM Parts Registry found on our Parts page with an explanation of its utility.

  2. Collaboration

    Our collaborations with three different Ontario universities in Canada is outlined on our Collaboration page.

  3. Human Practices

    Our Policy and Practices team has delved into multiple areas beyond the lab like the ethics, social justice, and intellectual property rights of our project and the overarching synthetic biology used in it. In addition, our special project looking at the 2015 iGEM collaboration network has revealed some issues. Please see our Practices Overview page for details.

Gold Requirements
  1. Integrated Human Practices

    We integrated our Human Practices activities into our project where details can be found on the Practices Overview page. Moreover, our special investigation on the 2015 iGEM collaborations network issues yielded important results we highly recommend for other iGEM teams where details can also be found on the Practices Overview page.

  2. Improve a Previous Part or Project

    Building on last year’s BBa_K1645998 BioBrick, we improved its characterization with more robust flow cytometry experiments demonstrating the modified sgRNA’s ability to repress the LacI promoter upstream of an RFP. The related documented information can be found here.

  3. Proof of Concept

    We demonstrate our proof-of-concept, novel regulatory element functions on our Results page.