overview1 In the procedure of large-scale industrial
production, due to the random distribution of
plasmids in the process of bacteria proliferation
and division, the bacteria containing less
plasmids will gradually become the
overview2 Generally, we aim to avoid these undesired
bacteria become the dominant population.
There is no efficient way to prevent the birth of
plasmid-free bacteria and the applied ways are
only limited to the laboratory-use.
What about equipping the bacteria with a
plasmid-sensing logically adjustable cell killer
Here is killer’s basic rule:
Kill the slackers (Plasmid number is below the
Save the workers (Plasmid number is above
the threshold).
Worker-P:Cell containing our P-SLACKiller.
Surprise! We can guarantee the microbial
population structure stay optimal

Our team divide the project into 4 parts as below.
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Our P-SLACKiller

Plasmids are losing, and the production efficiency is decreasing. Let’s equip the bacteria with a plasmid-sensing logically adjustable cell killer (P-SLACKiller) to kill slackers with less plasmids among bacteria!
Threshold Device
In what situation can the bacteria be judged as slackers? There must have a threshold concerning plasmid numbers. Let’s find it out and adjust it accordingly.

Killer Device

For the slackers, they should be able to turn on the self-killing switch. We tried toxin proteins to produce the lethal effect.


The executor killer should be stably maintained, so we integrated killer device into the genome. Moreover, we mutated promoters to adjust the threshold.