Chun Li
Ph.D., Tianjin University. Professor, Beijing Institute of Technology . Winner of the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars, Deputy director of Academy of Sciences and Materials of Beijing Institute of Technology;Prof. Li’s research interests are in the fields of Synthetic biology, Biocatalysis and Enzyme Engineering, Space Microbiotechnology. He has already publish SCI 81 academic theses.

Yixin Huo
Bachelor,Nankai University. Ph.D., Peking University, and Paris Diderot University. Institure Pasteur research associate. Postdoctor,University of California, Los Angeles, United States. Main research: synthetic biology and metabolic engineering. He has already publish 12 articles in Nature and Science, and he used to manage the research work in American technological newly-established firm for 4 years.

Ying Wang
Bachelor, Shandong University. Ph.D., Tsinghua University biology. Mainly engaged in the researching of the field of synthetic biology and metabolic engineering or related. She has already publish SCI 4 academic theses.

Guoliang Chen
Guoliang Chen who is an associate professor, was born in October 1974 at Ding Bian Country in Shaanxi province. Graduated in July 1998 of Biology major of Yan’an University and participate to work since then.1998-1999academic year, worked in protein and gene engineering laboratory in Peking University for advanced study.
September,2005-June,2008,studied for a master’s degree in College of Life Science of Gansu University of Technology. Now I am in College of Life Science of Yan’an University, hosted and participated in all levels of more than 20 scientific research projects, published more than 40 papers. I am mainly engaged in teaching, researching work of plant genetic breeding and plant functional genomics research.


Xiaopeng Gao
Hi, I am Xiaopeng Gao from Beijing Institute of Technology. As an advisor of BIT-China, I have given a lot of proposals to our program which is just like our baby. What’s more, I have devoted myself to this program and pinned great hope on it.
My major is biochemical engineering and the field of my research is metabolic engineering and synthetic biology, so iGEM is a rare chance for me to use my major strength to solve practical problems.
After year-long preparation, I have been head over heels in love with our program and harvested a lot. I really appreciate iGEM.

Beijia Han
My name is Beijia Han, I’m a master student in School of Life Science, Beijing Institute of Technology. My major is Biology and my research is focus on enzyme modification. Luckily, I join in the 2016 iGEM competition as an adviser in BIT-China, and there is a four-year history of our team (BIT-China) representing our school to attend this prestigious competition to show our research projects. This year our team project is mainly about population quality control. As an adviser, my mission is to help the undergraduate students to solve the problems in this research and give proper suggestions. It is a challenging task, but I love this feeling that we fight together.
Anqi Zhou
Hi. I’m Ariel, an enthusiastic and motivated student with great interest in synthetic biology. I’m currently doing my master in Biochemical Engineering. iGEM offers me an excellent opportunity to explore mystery and fun of biology, and I really enjoy the process of scientific research .The most amazing part of iGEM which attracts me is to use knowledge and experience I have by doing the things I love to create things that can make the world a better place. Besides experiments, I have a real passion for traveling around the world and tasting delicious food, because i believe either your body or soul must be on the way.

Liang Zhang
Hi, I am Liang Zhang and from Beijing Institute of Technology. As an advisor of BIT-China, I gave a lot of proposals to our program and our program is just like our baby. We devote ourselves to the research and to make it better is our biggest wish.
My major is biology and the field of research is enzyme engineering, so for me, this is the first time to touch the synthetic biology. After a yearlong preparation, I am head over heels in love with it and I harvested a lot. Thanks to iGEM.