Team:BIT-China/E M

What is the point?
Just show what things we use in the experiments.
Name Type Company
Transferpettor 1000µl 100µl 10µl 2.5µl Eppendorf
ELIASA Elx808 America Bioteck company
Electrophresis Apparatus DYY-6C Beijing LIUYI bio-technology company
OD Machine UV-2100 UNICO
Incubator Shaker IS-RDS3 Beijing KECHUANGBAIFANG Technical Co., Ltd
Electro-heating Standing-temperature Water Bath DK-8D Shanghai YIHENG Technical Co., Ltd
Gel-imaging System GeneGenius SYNGENE
Blue Rubber Cutting Machine BD-BGCI Biofriend
Electro-heating Standing-temperature Cultivator SKP-02.420 America HENGFENG company
High Speed Freezing Centrifuge D-37520 Germany Thermo company
Low temperature enzyme even instrument L1 HEMA
Electronic Balance FA2104SW MINQIAO
High-Pressure Steam Sterilization Pot MLS-3750 SANYO
Laminar Flow Cabinet SW-CJ-2FD Taisite
Microwave(微波炉) Galanz
Electro-heating Standing-temperature Drum Wind Drying Machine DHG-9030A Shanghai YIHENG Technical Co., Ltd
96 Well Thermal Cycler(PCR仪) Gene Company Limited
High Speed Micro-Centrifuge D3024 SCILOGEX
Refrigerator BCD-610W SIEMENS
Heto Ultra Freeze(-80℃ 冰箱) Thermo
Ultrapure Water System(超纯水系统)
Ice Machine SPR-120 SIMAG
Nano Drop 2000c America Thermo Scientific company
Microscope(显微镜) Ruich Allway
Noise Isolating Tamber vcx750 Ningbo Scientz Biotechnology CO. , Ltd
Noise Cleaner KQ-100DE Kunshang Noise Equipment CO. Ltd.
Reagent & Material
1. antibiotic
Ampicillin: dissolved in distilled water and the final concentration is 100mg/ml
Chloromycetin : dissolved in absolute ethyl alcohol and final concentration is 25 mg/ml
Kanamycin: dissolved by distilled water and final concentration is 50 mg/ml
2. Maker
Trans 2K DNA Maker
Trans 2K plus DNA Maker
Trans 1KB DNA Maker
Trans 2K plusⅡDNA Maker
All from Trans Gen Biotech
3. Buffer
Buffer From
6XDNA Loading buffer Trans Gen Biotech
2×Primer star CG buffer TaKaRa
2×Taq PCR Master Mix Biomed
2×ES Taq Master Mix CWBio
10×T4 DNA Ligase Buffer TaKaRa
10×Fast Digest Green Buffer Scientific
10×Fast Digest Buffer Scientific
10×Pfu Buffer Biomed
5×Trans Start FastPfu Buffer Trans Gen Biotech
5×FastPfu Fly Buffer Trans Gen Biotech
10% glycerol: 12.6g glycerol dissolved in 90 ml of water.
50%glycerol: use distilled water to dilute 50ml glycerol twice as much
5. dd H2O
6. Enzyme
Enzyme From
T4 DNA Ligase Thermo Scientific
Primer star HS DNA polymerase TaKaRa
Pfu DNA polymerase Biomed
Trans Start FastPfu DNA polymerase Trans Gen Biotech
Trans Start FastPfu Fly DNA polymerase Trans Gen Biotech
Fast Digest DpnⅠ Thermo Scientific
Fast digest EcoRⅠ Thermo Scientific
Fast digest PstⅠ Thermo Scientific
Fast digest XbaⅠ Thermo Scientific
Fast digest SpeⅠ Thermo Scientific
7. absolute ethyl alcohol
8. Kit
TIANgel Midi Purification Kit
TIANprep Mini plasmid Kit
TIANamp Bacteria DNA Kit
9. Agarose Gel Electrophoresis:
Golden View from Biomed
1XTAE:Diluted with 50Xtae
50XTAE: Tris 242g,Na2EDTA·2H2O 37.2g , 57.1ml glacial acetic acid,1L water
10. Culture medium
LB: 10g Tryptone peptone,5g Yeast extract, 5gNaCl; dissolve in 1.0L water.
SOB:2.0g Tryptone peptone,0.5g Yeast extract,0.2ml 5M NaCl,0.25ml 1M KCL; dissolve in 90 ml water. Adjust PH to 7.0.Bring volume to 100 ml. Autoclave. Add 1.0 ml sterile 1 M MgCl2 and 1.0 ml sterile 1 M MgSO4.
11. Arabinose
1 M Arabinose: weight 150g then use distilled water to dilute it
10% Arabinose: use distilled water to dilute 1M Arabinose
12. IPTG: confect the final concentration of 1M IPTG with distilled water
13. High pure dNTPs from Trans Gen Biotech
13. High pure dNTPs from Trans Gen Biotech
14. Bacteria
TOP10 from Biomed
DH5α from Biomed
15. Golden View from Biomed