Team:CSU Fort Collins/Collaborations


Mile High Meetup #1

September 25, 2016 at University of Colorado, Boulder

All three Colorado iGEM teams met up north-west of the Mile High City at CU Boulder’s campus. Along with CU Boulder and Denver Biolabs, we all gave practice presentations. It was a great opportunity to receive feedback and learn about each other’s projects. The conference was still a month away, so it a good chance to figure out how to build up from the foundations of our presentation.

Over burgers and beer at lunch, we learned that Inworks was having trouble preparing homemade competent cells with decent transformation efficiency. We shared our protocol with them to help them move their experiments along on the wet lab front.

Mile High Meetup #2

October 14, 2016 at Inworks

With less than two weeks before the Giant Jamboree, the Colorado based iGEM teams met up once again to debut much improved presentations. The Denver Biolabs team also invited community members to sit in, and they bandied questions that we hadn’t thought to address before such as “How can the sensitivity of quorum sensing mechanism be modulated?”.

While looking at the incredible lab space that Denver Biolabs has managed to put together, we discovered that the competent cell protocol helped greatly to move their project forward as they could start testing their proof of concepts.

iGEM InterLab Study 2016

This year, we collaborated with iGEM teams across the globe to contribute to the fluorescence measurement experiment. See the details on our Interlab Study page.