Outreach at Watford Grammar School for Girls

In early September, we visited one of our team’s former secondary schools, Watford Grammar School for Girls, to deliver a talk about the future of chloroplast engineering to over 60 members of staff and science & maths students from years 10-13...
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Investigating Community Labs


On the weekend that English ferry ports ground to a halt, and travellers faced 14-hour delays, members of the iGEM Cambridge-JIC team defied these odds to reach Paris in the name of science. Rather, in the name of NightScience, an annual conference hosted by the CRI (Center de Recherches Interdisciplinaires) at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industries which brought together synthetic biologists and innovative thinkers from around the world for two days of fascinating talks and workshops...
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Biomakespace is an initiative of synthetic biology scientists, students and enthusiasts in Cambridge who are working hard to build a new community laboratory. We aim to have a friendly sharing space where scientists could meet engineers, physicists, computer scientists, medics and other professionals but even public, students and schools...
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Public and Scientist Perception

OpenPlant Forum

Hosted at the John Innes Centre in Norwich, the OpenPlant Forum presented talks from some of the most exciting innovations and research developing in plant synthetic biology at this moment. The three-day event also featured panel discussions on predominant issues in this field, including a discussion on “Commercial opportunities and bottlenecks in the future of plant synthetic biology”, featuring the inventor of BioBricks and ‘godfather’ of synthetic biology, Tom Knight...
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