We have designed and constructed two novel pieces of open source, low-cost hardware specialised for plant synthetic biology, integrating the needs and feedback of community labs and researchers in our own department into these designs. Our gene gun has shown successful penetration of plant cells, for just 1% of the cost of commercial designs but without compromising on safety or accessibility of parts for others to replicate the design. Also, our Chlamydomonas growth facility will facilitate the easy customisation of growth conditions and monitoring through interactive imaging of samples (with links to its own dedicated Twitter account). Throughout the design of our hardware, we have ensured its reproducibility for future iGEM groups to build upon through thorough documentation and assembly instructions on our wiki. We are supremely proud of the creativity and results achieved with our hardware, and hope future groups can benefit from these designs.

Gene Gun

Our complete Do-It-Yourself Gene Gun with all necessary documentation is less than one-hundredth of the commercial price! And it has been firing DNA onto samples!

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Growth Facility

Always wanted to have a portable controlled environment for your Petri dishes full of organisms which can even Tweet pictures of itself? We have made one! It has various functions, is cheap, well documented and again DIY. This can really bring algae into small and community labs and make synthetic biology accessible and understandable to public!

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