Thank you for rewarding us with the iGEMer's Prize!

The Jamboree was a blast, we had so much fun, met and talked to so many of you awesome crazy people and made a lot of new friends. That alone would have been more than enough for us, but you decided to reward us with the iGEMer's Prize and turned our Jamboree into an unforgettable experience. Thank you so much.

We were awarded with a silver iGEM Medal. to achieve this, we fulfilled following criteria:

Bronze Medal

  • We registered for iGEM and had a blast at the Giant Jamboree.
  • We met all deliverable requirements.
  • We listed our Attributions on our Attribution page.
  • We registered and sent in our mTaz receptor as our Bronze criterion 4 part.

Silver Medal

  • We registered, sent in and characterized our EnvZ/OmpR fluorescence reporter systems BBa_K1909013 and BBa_K1909014.
  • We collaborated with Toulouse and Sydney-Australia. Thank you guys so much! It was an honor to be able to work with you.
  • We put much effort in our Human Practices, going to Blantyre, Malawi and cooperating with the Blantyer Institute for Community Olphthalomology.

A big Thank You to The iGEM Headquarter and all associated for the opportunity you gave us. Over the past year we learned more than we've could imagine and had a really great time. See you next year!