Participating at iGEM Meetups

To integrate ourselves into the iGEM Community and exchange ideas to the point where laboratory work and art intertwine, we visited the german national iGEM meet-up in Marburg. The Marburg iGEM Team did a great job in organizing the symposium, and we lived through the weekend, to tell the tale of barbeques, pub rallies, inspiring conversations, great scientific talks and bubble soccer.

Laboratory Collaborations

Working together with iGEM Toulouse, we created biology tutorial videos with protocols for standard practices in molecular biology (such as ligation, digestion and restriction), for future iGEM teams and other interested parties. We also joined forces with iGEM Sydney, who are developing an ethylene biosensor to measure ripeness in produce. We developed and designed a 3D printed reaction chamber for their glowing sticker, making it easier for workers to detect reporter expression via smartphone. They in turn designed a prototype app for statistical diagnosis by comparing fluorescence levels in the microreactors of our microfluidic device.The collaboration extended to exchanging data for molecular mathematic modelling from our reporter signalling pathway, from the biosensor affinities to the EnvZ-Kinase activating OmpR and the subsequent activation of GFP reporter expression.