As one of the biggest obstacles synthetic biologists face outside of labs, we focused on improving public perceptions on genetic engineering. In order to engage this problem, we introduced our iGEM project to the general public in various events, as listed below.

  • 1-1 Engaging the general public
    • November Festival at Kyoto University 11/20/2015-11/24/2015
    • May Festival at University of Tokyo 05/15/2016-05/16/2016
  • 1-2 Engaging scientists
    • The 88th annual meetings of the Genetics Society of Japan 09/08/2016
  • 1-3 Public Relations

Through these activities, iGEMKyoto engaged in science communication with the general public. We were shocked to learn how unrecognized iGEM and synthetic biology were to the general public. Thus, we have attempted to improve its recognition through multiple channel. These activities fulfill SILVER criteria.

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