We developed a software named "KELN": Kyoto-team Electronic Lab Note. Ever felt it difficult to write tables in HTML documents? KELN is the solution! KELN provides user-friendly graphical user interface so that those who don't know HTML tags can make tables in HTML documents very easily!

Background story

Before we developed this software, it took a long time to write HTML documents such as tables of our lab notes. Because not all of us are a HTML expert, it was a heavy burden on the experts to do all the work. How wonderful it would be if we could assign this work to all the members in our team?



KELN improved writing speed dramatically.


You don't have to worry about syntax errors. All files generated by KELN are formatted in the same way, including class tags for customizing their appearance.

User's voice

The user interface was very natural, and the time-consuming work of writing HTML codes were significantly shortened --Gifu

It was very easy to use. --Hokkaido-U

How to use

  • Enter the date of an experiment
  • Select the author
  • Check your teammates who conducted the experiment
  • Choose a template
  • Edit the table
  • Push convert button

Additional features

You can add descriptions of the table here

You can also make custom tables. Please enter the numbers of columns and table title here, then push "apply" button.

Note: first row of the table will be titles of columns.

Customize for your team

You can customize the checkboxes of teammates in KELN by editing settings.txt.

note: Please write names separated by comma. If KELN says "Syntax error", please confirm that settings.txt is correct.

Because KELN is a open source, everyone can modify this software. Please add functions you need, and start writing electronic lab notes today!


KELN is now available on