1 Safe project design

  1. BclA, a protein we have used for surface display, derives from Bacillus anthracis spore protein. Bacillus anthracis creates toxins in the human body, and it may cause severe illness. However, the gene coding for BclA protein is unrelated to the toxic genes. In addition, our BclA gene is chemically synthesized using DNA sequence data, and is not refined from Bacillus anthracis genome.
  2. We will sterilize E. coli before prescription as a medicine because the BclA structure does not require E. coli to be viable. This prevents genetically modified E. coli from propagating in the natural environment.

2 Safe lab work

  1. We did not use NoV in experiments for the assessment of scFv. Instead, we used NoV-like particles (NoVLP). They contain only the capsid proteins of the virus and lack the viral genome, thus not infectious.
  2. Three of our experimentation members have undergone a safety training session in Kyoto University Institute for Virus Research. They have shared their experiences with all our members.
  3. We have made our own lab safety and management manual.

3 Safe shipment

  1. Before submission, we have read all related pages in the iGEM web page.
  2. We have used submission kits and submitted our parts accordingly.

4 Link

  1. Final Safety form
  3. Safety management manual of Kyoto University Graduate School of Science (Japanese)