Team:Macquarie Australia/Advisers


Introducing the hard working team of instructors and advisors supporting our team. From left to right we have Edward Moh, Louise Brown, Thi Huynh, and Elizabeth Daniel. These enthusiastic and dedicated supporters have guided, aided and inspired the 2016 Macquarie Australia team throughout the project.

Dr Louise Brown

Dr Brown is a Senior Lecturer at Macquarie University. She is a strong advocate of undergraduate research at Macquarie University and has been involved with the Macquarie Australia iGEM team since its inception, in 2010. Dr Brown has facilitated Macquarie University's ability to take part in iGEM through her advocacy of our sponsors; allowing us to gain funding each year. In addition Dr Brown facilitates our contact with other teams for advice and partnership opportunities. She has helped our team function as a whole by providing a positive and insightful environment to perform our research.

Thi Huynh

Thi is a committed and valuable advisor to our team. A Scientific Officer at Macquarie, Thi takes on this role even though she has other work to do. Thi’s ever helpful advice helping us to locate and use lab equipment is invaluable and we wouldn’t be able to work on our project without her. Hopefully now that we are near the end she isn’t so stressed. Thanks Thi for everything you have done for us!

Edward Moh

It wouldn't be exaggerating to say that Ed lives in the lab. He is currently on the road to completing his PhD (if he can ever get out of the iGEM lab). Ed has been involved with the Macquarie Australia iGEM team since 2011 and this year he has been an exceptional supporter of our team. As a result, Ed has been able to provide us with a tremendous amount of advice about the iGEM competition process. His commitment and dedication to our team is outstanding. We couldn’t have done it without you Ed!

Elizabeth Daniel

Liz is a past Macquarie iGEM participant who has been a supporter of the whole project this year. In particular, her help with the hydrogenase sub project has been extremely valuable. Liz has been involved with the teams of Macquarie Australia iGEM since 2013. Her particular style of mentoring has helped many of us grow in confidence and application within the lab.

Professor Robert Willows

Professor Robert Willows is an academic at Macquarie University. He knows all there is to know about ‘that green stuff’ chlorophyll and photosynthesis and has challenged us this year with all his ideas for our project. Rob has been instrumental in helping us get our wet lab work over the line this year and has assisted us tremendously in understanding all there is to know about the chlorophyll biosynthesis pathway.


Professor Nicki Packer

Professor Nicki Packer is an academic at Macquarie University. Her research focuses on the study of glycomics. Another strong advocate of undergraduate research, Professor Packer’s knowledge has been most valuable in helping to guide our project.

Dr Jennifer Hallinan

Dr Hallinan is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Biological Sciences at Macquarie University with research expertise in synthetic biology and bioinformatics. Once again, Dr Hallinan’s expertise has been particularly useful in our project this year, providing us with valuable advice with our modelling project.

Dr Paul Jaschke

Dr Jaschke is a Lecturer at Macquarie University in the area of Synthetic Biology. Paul’s knowledge in this field has been invaluable in supporting our project ideas and helping us bring everything together at the end. He helped ‘debug’ our synthetic constructs when we ran into problems.This year Dr Jaschke, with Dr Hallinan and Prof Packer, helped select the representatives from our team to attend and present at the Giant Jamboree event in Boston.

Mike Gibbs

Michael Gibbs is another great advisor he has proved aid to our iGEM teams at Macquarie iGEM team since 2013. His advice and training this year during the early weeks of our project in the lab allowed for us to learn the basics in synthetic biology. This gave us a fighting chance in the iGEM competition learning skills from making an agarose gel to understanding and applying 3A assembly. Additionally, his help with sequencing analysis and guidance of the photosystem II team has been most helpful. Thanks to Mike for passing on his helpful knowledge to us this year.