Team:Macquarie Australia/Collaborations




The 2016 Macquarie iGEM team participated in a total of five collaborations with other iGEM teams around the world. These teams include: Paris Bettencourt iGEM Team, for whom we collected two soil samples from a vineyard here in Australia and sent these samples to the team in Paris for their project. The Pretoria South Africa iGEM Team offered their assistance with the MatLab program, aiding us in the production of an interactive graph for our ALA to chlorophyll a model. We sent the NTU-Singapore iGEM Team our Mg-chelatase operon plasmids and primer designs for each gene for the RT-PCR. We also purified and characterised their Cas9 mutants of interest. They sent us their Cas9 mutant plasmids after cloning in a His-tag and performed RT-PCR of the genes in our Mg-chelatase operon. Furthermore, we completed surveys for the Virginia iGEM team and Munich United iGEM team to help them with their projects.

Our team also participated in meet up of Australian iGEM teams at Sydney University. All four participating Australian teams attended; Macquarie University, Sydney University, University of New South Wales and Melbourne University. This was a chance to meet the other Australian teams and find out what they had been working on. It also gave all teams an opportunity to practice a preliminary version of their jamboree presentation and receive feedback.