Team:Macquarie Australia/Part Collection


This year Macquarie Australia submits 14 parts as a collection. Together these collection of parts [BBa_K1998000 - BBa_K1998014] allows us to express the genes of the photosynthetic pathway within E.coli to produce hydrogen from sunlight. The collection is split into three parts.

The first collection of parts [BBa_K1998000, BBa_K1998001 & BBa_K1998013] are those within the chlorophyll biosynthesis pathway and lead to the production of chlorophyll a.

The second collection of parts [BBa_K1998002 - BBa_K1998008 & BBa_K1998014] are 17 genes that allow for the assembly of Photosystem II in E.coli. Photosystem II generates oxygen and electrons via the oxidation of water molecules.

The last collection of parts [BBa_K1998009 - BBa_K1998012] allow for the generation of hydrogen gas using hydrogenase. This will enable the production of hydrogen gas in a clean and sustainable way which could be used as a future energy source.

Table of Macquarie Australia’s 2016 Parts Collection

Pathway Part Number Part Name
Chlorophyll Biosynthesis Pathway [BBa_K1998000] Mg-Chelatase Plasmid
[BBa_K1998013] MgPPIX to Chlorophyll-a Plasmid
[BBa_K1998001] YCF54 - ChlM
Photosystem II [BBa_K1998014] psbDCA
[BBa_K1998002] psbTB
[BBa_K1998004] psbMZHWK
[BBa_K1998006] psbOPQR
[BBa_K1998008] psbELJ-TB
[BBa_K1998007] psbMZHWK-OPQR
[BBa_K1998003] psbD
[BBa_K1998005] psbCA
Hydrogenase [BBa_K1998009] hyd1
[BBa_K1998011] Ferredoxin-FNR
[BBa_K1998012] hydEF
[BBa_K1998010] hydG (not submitted)