Team:Macquarie Australia/Parts



This year, Macquarie Australia has designed and constructed 15 parts. We will be submitting 14 of these parts to the iGEM Parts Registry.

Chlorophyll Biosynthesis

For the Chlorophyll Biosynthesis Pathway of our system, we will be submitting three parts. Our first part is our Mg-Chelatase Plasmid [BBa_K1998000] which makes up Magnesium Chelatase A and B with the cTH1 gene from Operon 3 in the pathway. The genes are arranged in the order of chlI1 - chlD - gun4 - chlI2 - cTH1 - plac - chlH. We have been able to experimentally validate this BioBrick part and have submitted this characterisation to the parts registry [Silver Medal Criteria]. The second part, forms our MgPPIX-Chlorophyll a Operon [BBa_K1998013] which joins Operon 3 and 4 in the pathway. In addition we are also submitting a third part which contains the genes yCF54 and chlM from operon 3 in the pathway [BBa_K1998001].
MagChelA Protochloro Chloroa

Photosystem II Synthesis

For our second series of parts, we will be submitting 8 parts which form the Photosystem II pathway of our overall system. We have the five individual operons of the Photosystem II pathway completed. Operon 2 was completed by the 2015 Macquarie Australia iGEM team [BBa_K1640006]. This year we have formed the other four operons [BBa_K1998014], [BBa_K1998002], [BBa_K1998004], [BBa_K1998006] and have additionally ligated Operon 2 and 3 [BBa_K1998008] and Operon 4 and 5 [BBa_K1998007] together.

Operons12 Operons34

Hydrogen Production

Our third series of parts makes up the hydrogen synthesis pathway in our system. Three new BioBrick parts from this pathway will be submitted [BBa_K1998009], [BBa_K1998011], [BBa_K1998012] [Bronze Medal Criteria]. Part BBa_K1998010 has been designed and constructed however this sequence has not been confirmed.


In addition to these parts which have been designed and constructed this year, we have also improved the function of a previously existing BioBrick Parts in the parts registry [Gold Medal Criteria]. This part, BBa_K1640019 and our contributions to this part can be seen on the Parts Registry. We have incorporated this improved part into our pathway design this year.