Team:Macquarie Australia/South Africa


Other Collaborations

Pretoria South Africa iGEM Team

On the 30th of September, Team Macquarie participated in a Skype call with Bernard and Stephan from the South African iGem team. Their team included two engineers, who offered their assistance with the MatLab program, to aid us in producing an interactive graph for our ALA to chlorophyll a model. What we wanted to achieve was an interactive display that we can add onto our wiki that allows us to have a slide bar or an alternative that can change our day view, which is on the X axis. We want to be able to see how the concentrations of the intermediates (Y axis) change over time.


Team Macquarie’s international collaborations weren’t just limited to modeling. To fulfill our cooperation preconditions, our team also held an international, information collaboration with the iGEM teams from Munich United and Paris Saclay. The Macquarie team completed a number of surveys from the other teams, encompassing scientific, ethical and legal concepts. The data we provided served to enhance the overall analytical potential of iGEM teams from the other universities.

Team Macquarie completed numerous surveys for other teams, providing them with valuable information regarding patenting regulations and ethical and societal related issues. Looking at a long term aspect including legal and integration ideas.

Australian iGEM Annual Meet-up

Team Macquarie team also attended the annual meet up of the Australian iGEM teams, hosted at Sydney University. This meet-up provided a chance for all of the Australian teams to meet and discuss their projects. It also gave all teams an opportunity to practice a preliminary version of their jamboree presentation and receive vital feedback from other teams and their advisors.