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Undergraduate Research Student Poster Showcase

Members of the 2016 Macquarie iGEM team had chance to promote their research and the unique opportunity that is iGEM. We presented a preliminary version of our research poster at the undergraduate student poster showcase.

Explaining the concept and scientific principles behind synthetic biology, by no means a simplistic endeavour, to students and academics without a scientific background was an intriguing experience. It also carried a certain level of responsibility – telling the general public about manipulating living things can evoke a very strong response.

It was a great opportunity to put synthetic biology and the amazing possibilities it presents in the spotlight. We were able to promote iGEM as a driver of new ideas and a possibility for the scientists of tomorrow to get a real opportunity to be involved in new, exciting scientific research. We spoke to fellow science undergraduates about the possibility that they themselves could become a part of the Macquarie iGEM team in coming years – and they amazing opportunities that would be on offer if they did.

We were particularly excited to see that, when we drew a large crowd and were busy explaining concepts to some individuals, other individuals who had already spoken to us were explaining to others who came to have a look. It was extremely exciting to see people getting enthusiastic about our project and engaging in current science.

The undergraduate showcase was a fantastic opportunity for Team Macquarie to practice consolidating the diverse elements of the project into a coherent whole. Poster besides, we even got a chance to practice presenting our research, an invaluable experience we hope will come in handy for the International Giant Jamboree.

Fig 1. Member of Team Macquarie presenting the team's undergraduate research poster