Talk with LanZhou, Talk about iGEM

    At 9:00 pm on October 10, we held a Live chat entitled "Talk with LanZhou, Talk about iGEM" in the Northwestern Polytechnical University.


     In this activity, we have adopted the most popular network video media way - live, so that viewers are no longer confined to 50 on the scene, but a total of 1100 +, which is the 22 times of the number people presented. We promote iGEM in time with a very common device (a pixel-friendly mobile phone and a self-portrait shot) through our webcast platform, introducing our projects and interacting with the audience, answering their questions, discussed specific topics.

Figue1,In just one hour, we got 1100+ hits, 3,6000+upvote.

Why organize such activities?

     NWPU and LanZhou is the only two iGEM teams in the northwest of China. Because of the limitation of time and money due to geographical distance, we came to an idea of using instant messaging software to discuss and communicate with players. "Why not put this live exchange process of discussion online? So our friends, classmates and teachers can take this opportunity to understand what we have done! We only need a mobile phone to realize it." So, we began planning this.

Hardware and software requirements:

     Two sub-venues (classrooms), at Northwestern Polytechnical University and Lanzhou University.
     Each sub-venue has a projector (which classrooms in university now have), a cell phone camera (pixel as high as possible, good configure, such as iPhone6).
     A live video software. In China, almost every person who surf the Internet will have a QQ account or micro account number, we use popular QQLive software. Our friends can directly use the QQ mobile client to watch live and participate in interactive easily, in addition he or she can also transpond, let his friends to watch and interact.


    In the live broadcast, each sub-venue of the mobile phone will be shooting live process, and the projector is used to play PPT or watch another live broadcast of the venue.
    Live is divided into the following sections:
    First of all, introduced synthetic biology and iGEM to the audience inside and outside briefly (15minutes).During this time, the two sides on the screen played PPT, using cell phone shooting so that the audience can watch the live broadcast;

Figue2,Moderator Zhuo was introducing the event while another teammate was shooting.

    Then, the two sides will introduce their own team project (10 minutes each), during this time each team played their PPT in the team's projector, and another venue was playing each other's live images. So that we can make both sides of the audience inside and outside the audience see the live process;
    Finally, the audience from both inside and outside raised questions for the two teams about the project. During this time, the two sides played each other's live broadcast on the screen to achieve an effect that on-site and off-site, NWPU and LanZhou information transmission among four groups. (15 minutes)

Figue3, The webcast of LanZhou on the big screen, so that we can watch their live, and transmit it to more people.


    First of all, we do not need such an additional cost. Mobile phones and standard multimedia classrooms are now common in universities in China.
    Secondly, the live can achieve large-scale dissemination of information in a short time. The total number of students in the two venues during the live broadcast was almost 50, but in the event of an hour or so, the event received 1,100+ hits which is the 22 times of the number on the scene.
    In addition, it can have timely interaction with the audience inside and outside the venue, which is very different from the traditional simple introduction.
    We believe that such practical activities are successful and meaningful!

Figue3, After the event, we posed for pictures together.


    In the era of the rapid development of modern network communications, the media has become a new vitality of the information dissemination. In other words, everyone can become the source of information dissemination. At the same time, each person is also a site for information reception. We can use this information dissemination to achieve timely communication among the teams, and send the information to even more people on the Internet. Taking the advantages of the media, we can show our work. We believe that this approach will have very great potential influence in the future. The future is an era of information explosion, but it also means that the future is a world of unlimited opportunities. We hope that this meaningful form of activity can be adopted by more teams, in order to promote the synthesis of biology and iGEM spread and development.

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